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  • Nakuru
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Explorers Package

DAY 1 Nairobi
DAY 2: Nairobi to Maasai Mara,  DT: 5hrs B L D
DAY 3: Maasai Mara B L D
DAY 4: Maasai Mara to Lake Naivasha, DT: 5hrs B L D
DAY 5: Lake Naivasha to Amboseli, DT: 7.5hrs B L D
DAY 6: Amboseli B L D
DAY 7: Amboseli to Tsavo West,  DT4.5hrs B L D
DAY 8: Tsavo West B L D
DAY 9: Tsavo West to Nairobi,  DT: 6 hrs B

Departure Dates:
11th – 19th January
8th – 16th February
7th – 15th March
11th – 19th April
9th – 17th May
13th – 21st June
11th – 19th July
8th – 16th August
12th – 20th September
10th – 18th October
14th – 22nd November
12th – 20th December


  • Website : http://glorysafaris.com/glorysafaris_explorers_package.html

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